Challenge mates, colleagues, classmates, football team, scouts, the band, or the family. You will get an unforgettable experience together! We guarantee that everyone has fun at the Offroad court or at our 5-camp. Do you dare to challenge them or are you afraid of losing?



Offroad offer you an Adventure in Forest & Mark all year round!

We have 5 cars for hire. Please contact us for pricing outside of the packages included. Driving offroad is a very popular activity of corporate events, bachelor parties, bridal shower or similar. Opportunities to combine with 5-camp, food, hot tub and more, as required!

Accessibility to these modified cars is impressive. The run of the ordinary ”Svensson” has shown that middle-aged girls who initially thought it looked scary are the ones who run the best. So guys need to focus extra if they should win!

I had the trail as interest for many years, also competed in Trial, and like challenges. It’s now possible to examine the trail without having to drive illegally and break your SUV, call the tow truck or telling your partner, etc.

We run without a maximum time of slow trot on marked trails (various difficult) in the woods, over stock and stones and through mud challenging. Alternatively at the snow, which is an added challenge, at the Offroad court you can have fun all year round!

It is important to plan the run. After the briefing, we start to walk the current loop that is marked with "sticks". Someone / some help out to put points during the drive, if your vehicle touches a stick you will get negative points or if you example must backtrack.

We have at least three levels of difficulty on the trails, and working upward gradually.

Driving on bare ground with motorized vehicles are prohibited in the country for purposes other than agriculture and forestry. Offroad has obviously permits for motor track on the surface of ca. 50 plots.

Are you set to jump with a monster truck, or gas in full are this activity not suited for you. We cares for the protection of animals, nature, cars, and our own security. Low speed and planning are what we stand for.

We also organize runs on our "Forest trail" for your own vehicle. More details of these events are posted on Facebook alt. sms to those who want it that way, let your interest if you want to take advantage of this!

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We are only open for bookings. Email us at, call us on 0705-337 200 or you can also use our contact form at the bottom of this page where you can easily carry out an inquiry.