Challenge mates, colleagues, classmates, football team, scouts, the band, or the family. You will get an unforgettable experience together! We guarantee that everyone has fun at the Offroad court or at our 5-camp. Do you dare to challenge them or are you afraid of losing?




- Offroad Driving
- Archery
- Throwing ax
- Funicular railway over the big pond, and the balancing act back.
- If you want you can replace the activities for eg. Throwing Knife or blowgun. (eg. Ice on the pond, balancing back is closed)

All the activities are performed outside, so clothes after weather is a good idea! Plan B is that it could be the weather that is, when you do not get wet when driving on the offroad court and it is possible to perform archery, throwing knife, blowgun and throwing ax both outside under bar sky and under roof!

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