On site associated with Offroad, 5-camp, Barbeque, etc. is the cost SEK 900 for a day, incl. water and heating. Book what time you want the hot tub hot, and we'll fix it. To curl up in the heat with cold lemonade after adventure in the Forest & Land is a big shot, the colder the better!



In and around Osby, Älmhult, Markaryd, Hässleholm, Kristianstad, etc. I run the "install", leave / pick up barrel for SEK 1250. Friday-Sunday (pick up Monday after agreement, if you want the barrel for 3 days). Do you live more than 1 mil from Osby, please let me know for the price, (thus supplement for driving) Mon-Thu SEK 1000. Major holidays, New Year, Midsummer, Christmas etc. SEK 1700.

Dry Birch firewood can be purchased so there is enough for two evenings for 300kr.

Flooding takes ca. 1.5H.

Heating time is approx 4-5H depending on how active you are, the temperature to 40 degrees.

The hot tub is cleaned after each rental, and chlorine is included in the rent. Guaranteed success for all ages and is easy to use. If injury would occur during ex. slip, etc. the landlord cannot be encumbered.

Mail, SMS text or call for pricing or information about when hot tubs are free!


We are only open for bookings. Email us at bokning@offroadbanan.se, call us on 0705-337 200 or you can also use our contact form at the bottom of this page where you can easily carry out an inquiry.