Challenge mates, colleagues, classmates, football team, scouts, the band, or the family. You will get an unforgettable experience together! We guarantee that everyone has fun at the Offroad court or at our 5-camp. Do you dare to challenge them or are you afraid of losing?



Are you the one who get to plan the bridal shower, bachelor party or the kickoff?

It takes time to plan, it is usually time consuming because there are usually many different interests in society. How do we get here and there? What do we do if it is dull weather? The list is long, as we all probably know. Here is the complete solution, you gotta have time to be a part of the fun as well right?

"Full Day Package" (approximate.) The ultimate package for a bridal shower, bachelor party or a kickoff etc.

Sample for a daily schedule:
11:30 Breifing / Information
12:00 Offroad Driving 2h
15:00 5-camp/ mingle.
18:00 Taco buffet & Bowling

Barbecue facilities are available (coal included) if you want to cook your packed food. We have many large picnic tables by the pond with room for everyone!

You can also order Baguettes, BBQ - plank or other food to enjoy between driving and other activities. Information about our selection of food is available at the selection of food.

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We are only open for bookings. Email us at, call us on 0705-337 200 or you can also use our contact form at the bottom of this page where you can easily carry out an inquiry.