Challenge mates, colleagues, classmates, football team, scouts, the band, or the family. You will get an unforgettable experience together, everyone has fun at the Offroad path or 5-camp. Do you dare to challenge them or are you afraid of losing?



Drive offroad, ax throwing, archery, walk the tightrope, ride the funicular railway and challenge each other. It is obvious that a really tough battle will play out.
Win or go down!


With us you get to try to drive Offroad for real! Offroad is suitable for the young as for the old, boy or a girl. We only drive on a fenced area. Over stock and stone, trough water and mud! Are you ready?


All season have their own charm, but aren’t the darkest time of the year the time that you get the most of a hot tub? We rent the Hot tubs at 80km trailer all year around, don’t miss out! Book your Hot tub in advance!


We are only open for bookings. Email us at, call us on 0705-337 200 or you can also use our contact form at the bottom of this page where you can easily carry out an inquiry.

Axe throwing