When I like challenges and had the trail as interest for many years, also competed in Trial came the idea of a self Offroad Court. To see people experience what I think is fun without illegal to drive down its SUV, call the tow truck or telling its partner, etc.

Can you then get more interested in building their own Offroadcar and drive for fun, or perhaps even race it’s a plus.

Our plote consisting of 70.000m2 of forest, land, mud & water is a little paradise itself with cozy sheep that graze with their cute lamb waiting to be stroked, our very social cats and a flock of chickens that passes and "cackle ". There are also over 100 different varieties of Rhododendron (!) and other unbacked plants where you least expect, that the previous owners left behind. In this way, we want to share with others what we love and think is one of Skånes hidden diamond.

Offroad outside Osby is a cool experience for all categories of all ages, after Offroad Driving / 5-camp, there is a lot of fun to offer. You can row the boat out of the pond, enjoy the water lilies and fish for perch. At the end of the summer, you can also try fishing for crayfish.


We are only open for bookings. Email us at bokning@offroadbanan.se, call us on 0705-337 200 or you can also use our contact form at the bottom of this page where you can easily carry out an inquiry.